NCTS 5 NO- go live, known issues

We will continuously update this page with known problems around NCTS 5 go-live in Norway

Customs office codes within the EU that are available for use until customs implements the necessary updates:

Sweden SE000050

Denmark DK005600
Ireland IEDUB100
Italy IT016102
Germany DE002601
Hungary HU101000
Finland FI001400

France FR000740

Spain ES000101
Belgium BE101000
Netherlands NL000510

Problem: The transit is stuck in status 3.

This is indicating that a response from customs has not been received.

Resolution: To resolve this issue, kindly send us the Loadnr number to

Our support team will need to confirm the messages and follow up with Tieto Evry to request the response messages.



Rule violation - Grossmass

The Norwegian customs only allows for maximum of 7 figures in Gross mass


Codelist violation - Customs office of Destination/ reference number:

There is an issue with the codelist from customs/EU that may cause errors with the destination office in Sweden and Denmark. If you encounter this problem, you may receive the following message:


Solution: Use DK00560 for destination Denmark, and SE003033 for Sweden.

92 - Message out of sequence

Check MRN follow up - This message indicates the MRN has already been sent to customs


Please reach out to Norwegian customs for more details and information.

Authorisation error

Solution : Verify that you have the correct authorization code and ensure that it is linked to the correct VAT number for the transit holder and the authorized customs office. Then verify these with the Norwegian customs.